Soubhik Barari

I regularly give talks (both in industry and academia) on technical topics in data science, surveys, text-as-data, and experiments, and substantive topics in media, elections, and behavioral science.

Below is a selection of some of these talks.

If you’re interested in having me speak for your organization/event or guest lecture for your class, let's get in touch (soubhik barari [at] gmail [dot] com).


What 2 Million Social Media Posts From Corporate America Can Tell Us About "Woke Capitalism" (11 Feb 2023)
Foo Camp, Facebook HQ.


How Partisan is Local Politics? A View from Public Meetings (29 Apr 2021)
Guest Lecture, Tufts University.
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Political Deepfakes Are As Credible As Other Fake Media And (Sometimes) Real Media (23 Apr 2021)
Political Psych Lab, UCLA.
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Evaluating COVID-19 Public Health Messaging in Italy: Self-Reported Compliance and Growing Mental Health Concerns (13 Apr 2020)
Polarization Lab, Stanford.
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Local Politics and Big Data (07 Feb 2020)
Foo Camp, Facebook HQ.


Deepfakes and Political Persuasion (02 Feb 2019)
Foo Camp, Facebook HQ.
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The Reconciliation of Numbers and Narratives (12 May 2016)
TEDx, Tufts.