Soubhik Barari


Peer-Reviewed Publications

LocalView: A Database of Public Meetings for the Study of Local Politics and Policy-making in the United States (2023)
Soubhik Barari and Tyler Simko.
Nature: Scientific Data
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Misinformation Interventions are Common, Divisive, and Poorly Understood (2021)
Emily Saltz, Soubhik Barari, Claire Leibowicz, and Claire Wardle.
HKS Misinformation Review
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Research Preprints

Are Trump's Indictments Rallying His Base? Evidence from the Counterfactual Format (2023)
Soubhik Barari, Alexander Coppock, Matthew Graham, and Zoe Padgett.

Political Speech from Corporations is Sparse, Only Recently Liberal, and Moderately Representative: Evidence from Social Media (2023)
Soubhik Barari.
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Political Deepfakes are as Credible as Other Fake Media and (Sometimes) Real Media (2022)
Soubhik Barari, Christopher Lucas, and Kevin Munger.
Conditionally Accepted at Journal of Politics
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The Asymmetric Nationalization of Local Politics (2022)
Soubhik Barari and Tyler Simko.
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Democracy and Trade Policy at the Product Level (2022)
Soubhik Barari and In Song Kim.
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Evaluating COVID-19 Public Health Messaging in Italy (2020)
Soubhik Barari, Gary King, and 17 others.
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