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svmkR 1.1

  • Added bug fix by @felippelazar to fix processing of drop-down menu type questions.

svmkR v1.0

  • NEW: Weight surveys using available population targets. Ex:

    • weight_to(): simple canned function crosswalk a survey to an available target population and then weight to that distribution
    • list_targets(): list target population distributions available in our package
    • read_target(): read in a target available in our package
  • NEW: Added ability to reverse engineer skip rules (find_skip_rules()) from survey responses based on completion patterns.

  • NEW: Added demographic variable re-coding module

  • Unit tests added for all modules.

  • Stabilized some banner creation code.

  • pkgdown web page created for package.

  • End-to-end tutorial created via vignette("svmkR").

svmkR v0.3

svmkR v0.2.2

  • Fixed a bug in downloading a survey with named columns (i.e. col_names = "name")
  • parse_survey() properly parses multi-answer matrix questions (one column for every question-row-column triplet)